July 2nd- Hydroponic tomatoes, Zucchini Flowers, Basil, Tat Soi, Swiss Chard and Lettuce. Fruit will be Strawberries. 

June 25: Lettuce, hydroponic tomatoes, radish, spring onion, cilantro and purslane. Fruit will be strawberries. 

The first week will include:

​Our hydroponic tomatoes, Lettuce, Radish, Mint, and Spinach. Hopefully we will have peas as well but that depends on the weather between now and Saturday. Fruit will be Strawberries. Note: The spinach is delicious as evidenced by the bug holes you will find in it. Since we use no pesticides on it, and the beneficial insects have not gotten ahead of the bad bugs, you will see holes in the spinach. This in no way adversely affects the taste.